How did the name ‘SZN XXI” come about?

My name is Jalen Rodney (CEO) and I built this brand when I became part of an internship class at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom H.S, known as the ‘B.O.S.S Program’ in which young and upcoming entrepreneurs, get the opportunity to start their own business. In November of 2018, I initially came up with the name “ReLaTe 2 iT” as the name of the brand. The reason behind it was that I wanted not only people from the Bronx or my home country of Jamaica to relate to the messages on my clothing, but everyone around the world no matter their race, ethnicity, age, etc. However, I decided to change the name 3 weeks later - a week before I launched my first product, because I felt like the name should be more creative, completely unique and eye-catching. So I spent hours on top of hours, frustrated trying to figure out a new name. It got so stressful that I took a break; one morning I remembered that I needed a name as soon as possible because my merchandise was being released in less than 4 days. Within a few minutes, I came up with the name “SZN XXI”. ‘SZN’ is an abbreviation for ‘Season’ — which pays homage to the idea that like seasons we all can aways change and the “XXI” stands for 21 — since he was born in the twenty first century. So now with a name and brand that I feel truly represents who I am and what I want to world to feel, nothing is going to stop me and I invite you all to become a part of SZN XXI…

Have a good one!


Just like seasons, us a people change as well over time
— Jalen Rodney